CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE – the Dar ul Maarif Islamic Educational Institute

·    We arrive at school on time

·    We wear the proper uniform

·    We are well-groomed

·    We are required to attend all classes on time

·    We have all the necessary materials we need for class

·    We demonstrate a serious and responsible attitude in our studies

·    We are expected to complete all homework on time

·    We respect our teachers

·    We must not litter the school and the classrooms

·    We do not take anything that does not belong to us

·    We use appropriate language at all times

·    We remain silent in the Masjid

·    We do not physically or verbally fight with other children

·    We do not bully or tease other children







1.1.   A pupil is under school discipline the moment he/she leaves home for school until the time he/she is back home.

1.2.   The misbehavior of a student on her way to school and back is considered to be very serious as this throws discredit on the good name of the school. Hence behaviour in school vans/buses and in other public places must be ideal.

1.3.   Students must respect the school environment and keep it tidy. Pupils should make themselves personally responsible to see to it that they do not leave litter of any kind. Litter boxes are provided around the school or in the classroom. Throwing of litter in the schoolyard, classrooms, staircase etc, is considered a serious offence.

1.4.   Pupils are not allowed to bring any cellular phones, MP3, or any such accessories at school.



2.1.    A pupil must wear the school uniform on all occasions when he/she is attending school or any school function. The uniform for

Primary Girls: dark green dress, dark green checked blouse, white jilbab and hijab Primary Boys: dark green trousers, dark green checked blouse and white thoub

      Secondary Girls: plain black jilbaab and white plain hijaab

Secondary Boys: green trousers, white shirt with long sleeve and white thoub. Responsible parties should ensure that their ward wears the proper school uniform when coming to school.

2.2.   A pupil failing to wear the proper school uniform will be punished and he/she may expect to be sent home immediately to get properly dressed. Excuses such as “Uniform is wet, torn or dirty” will not be tolerated.

2.3.   All students are expected to be always clean and tidy. Boys’ hair must be trimmed to a regular-length. Also, shaving one part of the hair and leaving the other and/or colouring one’s hair with colors is not allowed.

2.4.   Only discreet jewellery can be worn. Pupils should not wear expensive jewellery at school. Pupils are advised not to carry important sums of money in their bags or pockets and should not leave their valuables unattended. The school will not be held responsible for any losses. Large sum of money can be left in the custody of the Form Master or For Mistress only in special cases. School card fees should be given to the Form Master or Form Mistress early in the morning. 


3.      ABSENCES

3.1.   Pupils who are absent from school for a day or two should bring an absence letter duly signed by their responsible parties. For absences of more than three days, a medical certificate should be produced.

3.2.   No pupil may leave the school premises without permission from the Principal or the Manager. Only in exceptional cases will a responsible party be granted permission to take his/her ward from school during working hours. No request for the early departure of a student will be entertained from any person other than responsible parties.

3.3.   No pupil other than a class captain or vice class captain on official duty may leave the classroom for a specific purpose during a lesson unless she is sick and cannot remain in the classroom till the end of the period. He/she will be taken in charge by the caretaker.

3.4.   Pupils must make it a point to move to their respective classrooms immediately after the bell goes indicating the end of a break or a change of period.

3.5.   It is a serious offence to loiter in the school yard or veranda during working hours.



4.1.   All pupils are expected to show courtesy and due respect to all members of the teaching and non-teaching staff.

4.2.   All pupils should listen and obey the instructions of the teacher in class.

4.3.   Pupils having any difficulty or problem regarding school matters should relate to their Form Master or Form Mistress.



5.1.   One class captain and one vice class captain will be elected at the beginning of the year by the pupils themselves.

5.2.   Class captain and vice class captain who is not shouldering his/her responsibility as expected may be replaced by the principal in consultation with the staff and the school management.

5.3.   Class captain and vice class captain will maintain order and discipline in the absence of the teacher. They will also carry out their duties assigned to them.

5.4.   Every pupil should heed any advice or instruction given to them by his/her class captain or vice class captain and carry it out in the spirit in which it is given.



6.1.   A terminal report showing a student’s performance is issued at the end of each term to be signed by the Responsible Party.

6.2.   The report must be returned to the school on the Friday following resumption of studies.

6.3.   For the Third Term it is recommended that the Responsible Party calls personally at school to collect his/her ward’s report book.



7.1.   For minor cases of bad behavior and unsatisfactory work, pupil will be given extra work in recess time.

7.2.   Persistent misbehavior or unsatisfactory work will lead to severe punishment. Parents will be informed accordingly by means of a note from the school principal.

7.3.   Serious offences (such as insulting members of the staff-teaching, clerical, domestic threats & violence, intimidation, using abusive language, smoking, cheating at tests or examinations, falsifying signatures, forging documents, stealing under any form will be reported directly to the Manager. Appropriate action leading to rustication or expulsion will follow.

7.4.   Appropriate actions will be taken by the Management if any pupil does not abide by the rules and regulations of the school.


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